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Rubber adhesives for diverse markets and applications

Bostik’s rubber-based solutions comprise a range of sophisticated technologies – from cold seal products, to admixtures for floors and screeds - we have applied our chemical expertise to rubber-based adhesives for many years, and continue to stay ahead of the curve. 

Whether it's rubber latex, a rubber butyl based hot melt or a styrene-butadiene rubber, we research and manufacturer all types of rubber-based adhesive products found in packaging, flooring, and ventilation systems. 

The strength in our rubber adhesive range comes from its impressive compatibility and versatility. These beneficial characteristics allow our R&D teams to produce a broad range of rubber-based compounds, formulating rubber adhesives that contain water, solvents, thermoplastic, and high amounts of solids. 

Our rubber adhesives grant users great speed and efficiency in the bonding process, as well as increasing the resistant capabilities and toughness of bonds. Whether it’s increasing the heat resistance of laminated plastics for the marine industry, or improving the production line speed of a wholesale food supplier, our rubber adhesive products are the smart choice. 

Smart innovations

Our expertise in rubber adhesive has led to many smart product innovations:

Rubber adhesive in food packaging – the cold seal products we supply globally to the food packaging industry primarily utilize rubber-based adhesive technologies, as these provide the ideal levels of consistency in terms of seal strength, and yield great results with regards to the speed of horizontal form-and-fill packaging.

Rubber adhesive in the marine industry – our two-part, cold curing adhesive solutions are highly compatible with polychloroprene materials, working to not only provide resilient bonds for inflatable boats or wet suits, but also to proactively resist the ingress of water, heat, and humidity.

Key sectors for rubber adhesive

Automotive – some of our automotive hot melts are formulated with a synthetic rubber butyl base, making them highly flexible and impermeable, with permanently high tack and weatherproofing capabilities, making them ideal for protecting the intricate inner workings of vehicle doors.

Marine – used for the repair of polychloroprene accessories or components found in marine applications, our cold-curing rubber adhesives are also supplied with accelerators to speed up the curing process and strengthen your bond result.

Flooring – our styrene-butadiene rubber adhesive formulations boast superb resistance to water, chemicals, and general abrasion, actively toughening your flooring installation or screed, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, cement or mortar.

Construction – some of our rubber adhesives come in the form of a rapid-drying, high-tack, low pressure spray – these are favored highly in the construction industry, to make the installation or sealing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units more efficient.