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Silicone sealant formulations for highly durable seals on sensitive or sanitary substrates

Our silicone sealants are renowned for their sanitary properties, as well as their exceptional resistance to aging, weathering, mold, radiation, fire, water, and volatile chemicals.

As some of our most versatile sealant solutions, our silicone-based products are capable of providing exceptionally tough, yet flexible seals for a variety of applications across domestic, commercial, and industrial installation processes.

Available in a variety of low to mid modulus formulations, our silicone sealants offer elastic properties to suit your needs. And unlike other sealants with high levels of flexibility, our silicone formulations don’t compromise on durability. Boasting exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosive fluids and volatile airborne chemicals, our silicone sealants are even tough enough to replace automotive gaskets.

Bostik silicone sealants are also highly resistant to mold, freeze-thaw conditions, and various forms of radiation, making them ideal for use in food preparation areas. Acid free and with very low emissions, these food-grade sealants are some of the most sanitary on the market.

Our silicone-based products not only excel at sealing synthetic surfaces, but also notoriously difficult materials like concrete and natural stone. Their ability to provide highly workable, non-sag, low odor seals across glass, timber and roofing materials means they provide truly versatile solutions for construction projects.

Smart innovations

Silicone sealants in the automotive industry – from gasket applications to windscreen replacements or cracked window joints, our specially formulated silicone sealants provide excellent, primerless adhesion to a variety of interior and exterior substrates.

Silicone sealants in fireproofing – suitable for public areas, mass transit systems and emergency exit routes, our superior fireproofing sealant technologies not only resist the passage of fire for up to four hours, but actively minimize the formulation of smoke and other harmful toxins.

Silicone sealants for marine applications – as well as providing aesthetic, primerless sealing, our silicone solutions possess superior mold resistance and neutral curing varieties, making them ideal for wet rooms and other interior marine applications.

Key sectors for silicone sealant


Providing flexible and watertight seals for any crack, gap or sealing joint on your vehicle, our silicone sealants function under even the most extreme temperatures, and are highly resistant to UV, alcohols, dilute acids, and other corrosive fluids.


Our silicone sealants provide high workability for building, construction and glazing joints, with our low modulus formulations offering exceptionally high movement accommodation.

Food grade sealant

Free of hard chemicals, acid and odors, our silicone-based food grade formulations proactively prevent the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, making the walls or floor joints in your kitchen and cold storage spaces as sanitary as possible.