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Because of the global presence and importance of the packaging and package manufacturing industries, we at Bostik are persistently working to ensure that our adhesive technologies grow and evolve relative to the needs of rigid packaging’s dynamic market. 

We are committed to catering to everyone from cardboard box manufacturers to hygienic paper suppliers in a variety of bonding processes. From the erection of carton trays, right through to sealing your fully processed package, case, or parcel, we have the adhesive solution to match.

We are committed to using our in-depth knowledge of packaging and packaging manufacturing processes to suit your needs, no matter how specific they may be. For bespoke rigid packaging formulations, contact our technical support team.

Rigid packaging: adhesive applications

We are committed to improving the versatility, efficiency, and performance of your production line by using our astute technical knowledge and chemical expertise. Our solutions can help you achieve high production speed, sound thermal stability, and enhance the character and aesthetic of your final product. 

Whether you are processing paper, sealing cardboard cartons or adhering corrugate fiber boards to honeycomb panels, we have a smart solution to suit your specific packaging supplies and the demands that come with them. 

We design and engineer rigid packaging products for plastic inserts, longitudinal sealing, and a whole host of labelling applications, as well as formulating adhesives for the complex production of tissues and other hygienic paper products that demand multi-faceted manufacturing procedures. Our formulations are also suitable for both disc gluing and nozzle application.   

Our adhesive solutions boast a variety of smart properties, ranging from dextrins that minimize warping to high-adhesion liquid resins that ensure rapid line speeds and fast setting times. 

Rigid packaging: adhesive technologies

Hot melt adhesive

Our hot melt packaging systems can be used with various substrates and packing materials, guaranteeing high-speed production for your surface-treated stock. No matter how difficult your packing materials are to bond, Bostik hot melts are highly compatible with corrugated and fiber board substrates that are both coated and non-coated, and are ideal for both the closing and erecting processes associated with cardboard cartons and trays.

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Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)

As well as being a true asset to industrial tape and label applications, our pressure sensitive adhesive formulations are perfect for firmly placing or stacking your corrugated and cardboard sheets onto pallets. With medium tack and non-slip formulations available, you can ensure optimal safety for the transport of your packaging goods.

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Water-based adhesive

If you aim to increase the flexibility and ease of your manufacturing processes,  our water-based adhesive products perform exceptionally well on difficult-to-adhere paper-based substrates, even if these materials are highly-dyed or calendared.

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