Focused on smart innovation

At the heart of Bostik’s global strategy is innovation, and through innovation we deliver seriously smart and multi-functional disposable hygiene adhesives that do more than just stick things together. 

Our dedication to innovation is manifest in our three Smart Technology Centers, standing as beacons to our excellence in the technical understanding of adhesives and the core technology platforms that make them possible.

A global R&D strategy

Located in Wauwatosa (USA), Shanghai (China) and Venette (France), our Smart Technology Centers are designed to facilitate collaboration and foster an open-minded approach to innovation. We believe they perfectly illustrate many of our company values, including team spirit and change.

The industry-defining research conducted here helps us stay ahead of the curve in disposable hygiene adhesive technologies, so we can remain competitive in the global marketplace, while passing the benefits of our smart adhesives on to our customers. 

A showcase for Bostik's technology and expertise

Our Smart Technology Centers focus on two different types of activity:

Upstream R&D. To deepen our knowledge of materials and develop new technology platforms for smart adhesives.

Downstream R&D. To transform knowledge gained upstream into advanced adhesive solutions that are safe, efficient, responsive and flexible, and respond to the highest standards and customer needs. Coater trials, testing and technical support to validate the performance and processability of bonding solutions.

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