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Bostik's range of product assembly adhesives comprises some of our most versatile, niche and complex technological offerings. Due to the broad scope of industries these solutions cover, it’s an area in which we are continually applying our most sophisticated levels of research and development.

From the assembly of solar panels to the attachment of intricate circuit board components, our assembly adhesive technologies are present in a remarkable variety of working environments.

We always look to collaborate with manufacturers in new exciting areas of industry. Should you wish to contact us for a consultation on a product formulation for your projects, please contact our technical support team.

Assembly adhesive applications

Whether you need adhesive solutions for woodworking, electronics and circuitry, office furniture, chemical mining, outdoor solar panel installations, home appliances, electronics, filter assembly or construction components, we’ve got you covered at Bostik. The potential applications of our assembly products even extend into the world of footwear. 

Other popular products in our assembly adhesive range include those used for coating, laminating, pipe welding, and applications for the filter industry, ideal for domestic and plumbing uses.  

Assembly adhesive technologies

Hot melt adhesives

Bostik hot melt technologies are some of the most versatile in our assembly adhesive range. From soft pressure-sensitive formulations to high-strength polymer systems, these economic, heat-activated adhesives can bond to virtually any substrate for whichever end-use you may have in mind.

Solvent-based adhesives

Our traditional solvent based adhesives provide strong bonds for a variety of industrial sectors and different working environments, and cover a variety of chemical types.

Available in mostly liquid formulations, our solvent-borne products can be used for applications ranging from internal door machinations and insulation attachments to pipe welding, coating and laminating processes, as well as footwear bonding.

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