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A comprehensive rubber flooring adhesive and sports flooring adhesive range

Whether you’re laying rubber flooring in a demanding high traffic area, or looking for an adhesive for a sports hall, gymnasium, commercial office, mall, exhibition center, elevator or synthetic grass patch, we’ve got the perfect performance adhesives for the job.

Our comprehensive portfolio of rubber floor adhesive and sports flooring adhesive covers a broad spectrum of applications, with formulations and technologies developed for a broad range of diverse materials and applications.

This range of smart products is also suitable for safety flooring adhesive applications. 

Rubber and sports floor adhesive: smart benefits

Our range of rubber and sports flooring adhesives covers a number of products known for their ease-of-use, trowelability, flexibility and speed of application.

Ideal for bonding to porous and non-porous substrates, our adhesive solutions and systems also cover a broad spectrum of curing times and material specialities.


Rubber and sports floor adhesive technologies

  • Polyurethane-based
  • Epoxy-based 

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