Carpet Adhesive

Carpet and carpet tile contact and spray adhesives

Carpet and carpet-tile adhesives must be resilient enough to deal with the demands of constant trampling, scuffing and pulling from footfall that the carpet itself must endure. What’s more, they need to be flexible and easy enough to use to make installation quick and simple. 

Our range of products including carpet tile adhesive, carpet spray adhesive and contact adhesive sprays, provides simplicity, performance and confidence.

Plus, our carpet adhesive systems are the perfect solution where longevity is needed, being specially designed to create long-lasting bonds between carpet and substrates common to resilient floor coverings.

Another advantage to carpet bonding: it reduces the dust between the carpet and the floor. Because the surfaces are bonded, friction is reduced keeping dust production to a minimum.

Additionally, dust mite development is dramatically reduced as a result of carpet bonding, delivering a healthier environment for all occupants. 

Carpet Adhesives: smart benefits

We supply a comprehensive range of carpet adhesives that can be applied to a wide selection of flooring backgrounds, including:

  • concrete
  • cementitious screeds
  • gypsum screeds
  • metal
  • chipboard
  • hardboard
  • plywood
  • self leveling compounds

With care when using our products, textile floor coverings can even be laid onto nonporous surfaces, although it is always advisable to apply a suitable leveling compound. 

Carpet adhesive technologies 

  • Acrylic adhesive
  • SBR based adhesive
  • Water based adhesive
  • Solvent free adhesive

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