Floor Primer

Epoxy and Acrylic floor primer

Since surface preparation adds another step to the bonding process, there is a tendency to reduce or even eliminate it all together, making priming with an effective floor sealer an often-overlooked aspect of flooring. Priming a surface is a key step in flooring preparation.  

However, using the right concrete primer for the job is just as important as selecting the right leveling compound, membrane and adhesive.

Floor primer: smart benefits

Applying the right floor primer can vastly improve adhesion of leveling compounds to subfloors, resulting in a more secure installation. Floor primer also enables self leveling compounds to perform as designed, maximizing flow and providing optimum strength development.

The correct application of a suitable floor primer helps control the absorbency and drying rate of your flooring adhesive, and increases overall bond strength. Plus, priming significantly reduces drying shrinkage and improves resistance to water, shock, frost and chemical damage.

Floor primer technologies 

  • Acrylic primer – Styrene Acrylic and Styrene Butadiene are perfect one-part primers for use on porous and difficult substrates prior to tiling or screeding, or to seal gypsum plasters and screeds prior to the addition of cement-based adhesives. Find out more about our acrylic primers
  • Special Hard Surface Preparation (SHP) primer – one-component ready to use liquid floor primer 
  • Neoprene primer – used on non-absorbent surfaces prior to laying leveling compounds. It is ideal for use on dusty or porous surfaces, such as wooden backgrounds, to prevent rapid drying of adhesives. Find out more about our neoprene primers

Other floor preparation products

  • Epoxy primer
  • PU primer
  • Concrete floor primer
  • Wood floor adhesive
  • Rubber floor adhesive
  • Carpet adhesive
  • Self leveling compound
  • Vapor and Moisture Barrier
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