Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Easy-to-apply adhesive solutions for ceramic tile installation

Whether your reasons for tiling are commercial or residential, practical or aesthetic, there are many things for you to consider before a ceramic tile installation.

Ceramic tiles are used for a variety of purposes and conditions. Due to the array of substrates and subfloors you could find yourself working with, choosing the right adhesive is vital.

Ceramic tile adhesive: Smart benefits 

Using Bostik ceramic tile adhesives for your wall or flooring offers many advantages – both during the bonding process and following installation. 

When installing ceramic tile, an emulsion or ‘ready-mix’ adhesive is often perfect for the job, and will improve ease of application. 

If you’re after adhesives with rapid grabbing or setting times, or require more specific shower tile adhesives that have excellent water and mold resistance, we have a broad range of smart technologies for you to choose from. At Bostik, we’re committed to ensuring your installations maintain their durability in the long run – whether you’re installing kitchen floors or bathroom walls. 

Ceramic Tile Adhesive: Substrates

Our ceramic tile adhesives are compatible with a wide range of substrates: 


  • Plaster and plasterboard
  • Rendered surfaces
  • Concrete blocks
  • Dense concrete
  • Plywood
  • Painted walls (emulsion only)
  • Fiber mesh
  • Cement faced boards
  • Tile backer boards
  • Tile-to-tile
  • Lightweight blocks


  • Concrete base
  • Anhydrite calcium sulphate screed
  • Ceramic and natural stone base
  • Asphalt base
  • Timber floors
  • Floating plywood floors
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Acoustic matting
  • Damp proof membranes


  • Waterproof tile adhesive
  • Heat resistant tile adhesive
  • Cement based tile adhesive
  • Acrylic polymers
  • Polymer modified thin set
  • Polymer cement
  • Polymer modified tile adhesive
  • Premixed tile adhesive
  • Ready mixed tile adhesive
  • Ready mixed floor tile adhesive
  • Standard setting tile adhesive
  • Rapid set tile adhesive
  • Pourable tile adhesive
  • Non slip tile adhesive
  • Flexible tile adhesive
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