Food grade sealant

Food grade sealants and kitchen sealants for optimal hygiene in your culinary workspace

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Food Grade Sealant

At Bostik, we are committed to supporting the health and sustainability of the construction industry through chemical and technological innovation.

To that end, our range of food grade and kitchen sealants are specially developed to achieve high standards of sanitation, while lowering the emissions of volatile substances or other potentially harmful toxins.

Our smart kitchen sealants are ideal for both food service applications and on workspaces used for food storage or preparation. Whatever the individual needs of your culinary workspace, Bostik can provide a food grade product suited to you.

Food grade sealant: sealant applications

We design and manufacture a broad range of products that can ensure your food preparation area remains not only structurally sound, but also as hygienic as possible. Our food grade sealant products can be used for numerous applications, from sealing wall and floor joints in your kitchen to cold storage space.

Bostik food grade sealants contain no hard chemicals and are mostly silicone-based formulations, granting them exceptional resistance against different forms of radiation, freeze-thaw conditions and potentially harmful airborne chemicals. 

From our kitchen sealant range, you can choose from solutions that resist the growth of fungus, mold and mildew, or that defend your appliances and surfaces from the spread of microbial germs associated with salmonella and other bacteria.

Like all Bostik adhesive and sealant solutions, our food grade and kitchen sealants are capable of bonding to numerous substrates – from timber, formica and tiles to metal, natural stone, and most painted surfaces.

Due to the great variance in the conditions of different areas for food storage or preparation, it is essential that you select the most suitable product.  Whether you will be working with animal and dairy products, in wet or damp areas, or within refrigerated or confined spaces, we have the right Bostik product for you.

Sealant Technology

Silicone sealant

A more versatile formulation, all our silicone sealants are acid-free and have very low emission rates. This makes them ideal for sensitive substrates near food prep areas.

Our silicone sealant range includes both low and mid modulus products and comes in fire-resistant formulations, allowing you to select the most appropriate level of elasticity for your individual needs.  

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