Joint Sealants

High performance perimeter joint sealants for construction professionals

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Joint sealant

Our uncompromising attention to the needs of designers, contractors, owners and DIY users of our construction sealant products means we’re always in tune with the fast-moving construction industry. 

We’re committed to innovating products that make housing development healthier, more sustainable and more efficient. This places our focus on the impact of our products and systems throughout their entire lifecycle. 

This commitment means prioritizing the well-being, comfort and quality of life of those applying our products and of future users through the limitation of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. It also means offering our customers products that excel in technical performance, guaranteeing the longevity of works while offering easy application and optimized value for money.

At Bostik, we believe adhesives should be a solution, not a mystery. Our team of experts is on hand to help bring you technical solutions adapted to your specific needs. Contact our technical team today to discuss any of our sealant products directly. 

Joint sealant: sealant applications

Our innovative sealant products are used in construction projects across the globe, to offer ingress protection and provide weatherproof seals for a range of substrates including brick, painted surfaces, glass, renders and PVC. 

With a complete range of combined adhesive and sealants, as well as dedicated sealant products, our formulations display characteristics such as excellent initial grab and adhesion, as well as water resistance.

Using a cartridge gun for simple and efficient application, our sealants can be used to create strong and flexible joints for everything from bitumen waterproof membranes to upstands such as concrete, timber, plastic and natural stone.

Construction sealants: sealant technologies

Polyurethane sealant

Providing high bond strength and flexibility – this sealant technology is perfect for glazing and construction joints. Product technologies include PU sealant, two-part polyurethane sealants and one-part polyurethane sealants.

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Silyl modified polymer (SMP)

An acid-free sealant that has a wide range of applications, but provides stronger adhesion performance than silicone.

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Silicone sealant

An acid-free sealant used for sensitive surfaces against concrete and natural stone substrates. Our product range includes both low and mid modulus silicone sealant products. 

Please note, this sealant technology is not suitable for double glazing units. 

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Mastic sealant

Ideal for sealing timber and windows, our mastic products cover silicone mastic and oil based mastic products.

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