Decoration adhesive

Decoration Adhesive

Whether you’re an experienced artisan or a DIYer that’s keen to learn, we’re committed to helping you in your efforts towards home improvement.

Through detailed research and an aptitude for innovation, we are continually developing our consumer adhesive solutions, working to make the processes of renovation and decoration as efficient as possible.

By applying our chemical expertise and knowledge to the home, we have engineered smart, high-performing products that can drastically increase the ease of your wall covering applications or fixture mountings.

Decoration adhesive: applications

From starch-based wallpaper paste to high-performance acrylic adhesive, we produce a wide range of products that can be used in conjunction with your painting, decorating or renovating projects. 

Our specially engineered fixing adhesives are perfect should you need to attach skirting boards, wooden panels, ducts, or any general mouldings to your home. Designed to give your glued elements immediate hold and impressively powerful tack, our smart acrylic adhesives can bond a broad variety of materials, ranging from polystyrene cornices to metal plating. 

When it comes to wall coverings, we create and supply both ready-mixed and cold water adhesive solutions for your wallpaper. We have products that work exceptionally with your installation, from flocked and textured wall coverings to vinyl and textile materials. Our innovative starch-based paste formulations are ideal if your wallpaper covering has a non-woven fabric backing. 

We have applied our market-leading construction expertise to the domestic sphere, ensuring that our wallpaper paste products are not only easy to apply with a roller, but also allow for easy removal of the wallpaper. This leaves you with minimal residue on removal, and overall contributes to a hassle-free redecoration. 

Many of our decoration adhesives are also formulated specially to work compatibly with wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, while the antifungal and biocide additives they contain work proactively to prevent the growth of mold.

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