Rail Sealants

Engineered for safety and durability

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Rail Sealants

Our smart sealants for rail are the result of expertise and years of experience. 

We’ve developed a range of railcar sealants that significantly reduce the amount of man-hours in the assembly process and meet the highest standards of fire protection. 

These products replace traditional mechanical fasteners, providing vibration-damping, sound-deadening solutions that reduce overall vehicle weight. 

From the high elasticity and fire retardancy of ISR 70-03 FR, to the low viscosity and sprayability of ISR 70-07, our sealant technologies fulfil the most rigorous requirements of the rail market.


Railcar door sealant

Our door sealants provide exceptional protection from the elements, while ensuring unwanted noises, vibrations and odors don’t infiltrate passenger carriages. 

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Railcar floor sealant

Providing stability and a smooth, even finish for the flooring of your vehicle, our specially formulated floor sealants are ideal for all seam-sealing and gap-filling applications. 

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Moisture barrier and general sealant

We have a range of specialized sealants that are ideal for general sealing tasks, insulation and preventing the ingress of moisture. Whether you need to seal your rain gutters, or backfill your windshield installation, these products provide flexible, easy-to-apply solutions. 

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Smart Solutions for Rail Vehicles

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