Construction Grouts

Construction Grouts

Cementitious grouts for the building and construction industry


Advances in construction techniques are ongoing. In recent years, many have only become possible through corresponding developments in cementitious product design. Today's use of cementitious products in building, construction and mining is significant and in some cases has reached the point where much of the product is an important structural component of the building.

Bostik is focused on offering an extensive range of cementitious products, designed specifically to address the advancements in practices throughout the civil and construction markets.

Bostik offers multi-purpose non-shrink grouts, for structural and non-structural applications, including precision grouting, base plates, precast components, machinery and equipment bases, anchor bolts, concrete repair, keyway joints, load bearing pads and other non-shrink applications.



Construction grouts: Smart innovations

A high quality blend of Portland cement and non-shrink additives mixed with water produces a durable, high-strength material useful for grouting and general concrete applications on both indoor and outdoor projects.

Bostik cementitious grouts are examples of how formulated products offer specific qualities to the construction industry.

Grout Classification

Cement has a natural tendency to shrink during curing. There are two common forms of shrinkage:

  • Early age shrinkage (also called plastic shrinkage) is predominantly due to water evaporating from the matrix
  • Post hardening shrinkage (also called drying shrinkage) is a result of ongoing chemical reactions and hardening

Class A grouts: (also referred to as General Purpose) are non-shrink during the plastic state

Class C grouts: (also known as Performance Grouts) are shrinkage compensated (non-shrink) during both the plastic and post hardened state

Construction grouts: Smart innovations 

Applying the right floor primer can greatly improve adhesion of self-levelling underlay to subfloors resulting in a more secure and durable installation. Primers are materials used as a preparatory coating to enhance adhesion of overlaying compounds. They regulate absorption rate of porous substrates and improve adhesion to non-porous materials. Various impervious substrates are becoming a norm. Uses of appropriate primers are necessary to ensure good bonding to these substrates. Failure to do so can lead to de-bonding of coverings.

Core Grouts

Bostik Flowfill Grout GP

Bostik Techflow Grout GP



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