Moving further with BOSPAC

Bostik, a brand that values smart innovations through revolutionary adhesives supplemented their commitment in taking smart innovation a notch higher through Bostik Partners Academy. Recently, BOSPAC started their training programs with two sessions attended by contractor partners from Metro Stonerich and Actuate Builders and dealer partners from Massive Trading and Co Ban Kiat Hardware.

The contractor course was all about proper tiling, installation and finishing. Throughout these seminars the Project managers, tile installers and project engineers who attended the course learned the value and the efficiency of work they can achieve if they know the proper methods of tiling and the appropriate tile adhesive to use . According to one project manager “These sessions made our work easier, our tile installers felt more competent with their quality of work because of this training session”. 


The dealer course held and attended by  warehouse personnel and supervisors  participants were all about inventory. The 5S objective, methods and ways to ensure sustained implementation, the first-in- first-out (FIFO) method in inventory and the importance of warehouse management in the logistics system was discussed. Questions from the attendees were carefully addressed. One warehouse personnel commented that the session helped our “picking” boys prevent the delay of delivery. They learned how to organize the stocks and we also learned the proper way of receiving the delivery and disposing items. 

After the first two programs held by BOSPAC the attendees were given certificates that proves their attendance and mastery of the course. The participants  asked for more training sessions that would really help them move forward towards a better and sustainable business in partnership with Bostik. And sure indeed, the learning doesn’t stop here. There are more BosPAc programs lined up in the future.

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