Silyl Modified Polymers


Explore the cutting-edge technology found in our SMP adhesives

Our comprehensive range of silyl modified polymers provides technology of the future to a range of sectors today.

Silyl modified polymers (SMPs) are moisture curing, 1K and 2K elastic solutions that can function as both sealants and adhesives. Combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane chemistries, SMPs are free of isocyanate, solvents and PVC and are extremely flexible. Also, SMPs provide excellent durability of adhesion with limited surface treatment.

Our innovative SMP products also offer impressive UV and temperature resistance, as well as long-term stability in storage.

SMPs are found across many markets in a broad range of applications, from the high grab adhesives found in construction, or that bond teak decks on super yachts, to the combined sealant and flame retardant products used in train construction.

Through continued investment in R&D programs, we’ve established a successful track record of introducing our SMP technology to new global markets, including the construction, consumer and industrial sectors.

Smart Innovations

Our expertise in silyl modified polymers has led to many smart product innovations:

ISR 70-03 FR: the first flame retardant sealant/adhesive to meet the new railway standard EN 45545. Non-halogenated and free of solvents, isocyanate and PVC, this adhesive and sealant demonstrates good UV resistance and aging properties and can adhere to multiple substrates, without priming. More on rail adhesives

Crystal Clear grab adhesive: a waterproof, multipurpose sealant and adhesive suitable for many specialist construction fields such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, glazing, metal fabrication, tiling and decorating.

Automotive windscreen bonding adhesive: a high quality, automotive windshield adhesive which offers strong, primerless adhesion to glass. Plus, this adhesive does not require a UV blocking primer when the glass adhesive interface is protected by a ceramic coating.

Key sectors for SMP


We use our SMP technology extensively in the development of adhesives and sealants for rail applications, from moisture insulation to cockpit sealing.

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Grab adhesives

The high green strength of our SMP technology makes it ideal for construction grab adhesive applications.

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With superior resistance to weather conditions and high chemical resistance against aggressive teak deck cleaners, SMP is ideal for a range of marine sealing and bonding applications.

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Smart Innovation

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