Blits Stik Super Glue

    Fast setting cyanoacrylate-based adhesive for strong, instant bonding on non-porous substrates for DIY projects

    Key Features

    • High bond strength
    • Instant adhesive
    • No mixing required and easy to apply
    • Non-toxic when cured
    • Waterproof

    Instant bond repair adhesive

    Ideal for instant DIY repair work in and around the home such as, repairing of figurines, costume jewellery, and toys. Suitable for handicraft applications and gluing of small parts where clamping is not possible and can be used for minor repairs in the car such as a loose rear view mirror or cracked tail light. It can be used as a thread lock adhesive to prevent loosening of bolts. Add to sodium bicarbonate or wood flour to make a filler for repair of cracks and voids. It is safe for using in aquariums for fixing of rocks and corals. Use also as a ‘temporary fix’ to hold things in place.

    Other information:

    Not suitable for plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon. Not suitable for paper, fabrics, glass containing a high alkali content, and expanded rubbers. Not suitable where a flexible or gap filling bond is required. Not suitable for use in dishwasher, oven or microwave.


    • 3g tube
    • 4 x 1g mini tubes
    • 2 x 3g combo pack tubes


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