Silicone Stripper

    A unique paste that removes old or fresh silicone from a variety of substrates like sanitary-ware, glass, metal, enamel, concrete, plaster,

    Key Features

    • Sag resistant
    • Low odour
    • Non-aggressive
    • Removes all types of fresh, aged and cured silicones

    Silicone remover

    Removing cured silicone from a surface in order to prepare the surface for a fresh application of silicone. Ideal for removing cured silicone smudges, spills and finger prints from poor workmanship. Silicone Stripper can also be used to remove mould growth from the surface of silicones. Removes acetoxy-curing silicones, neutral-curing silicones, gasket sealants and polyurethane foams.

    Other information:

    May cause wood substrates to darken. May soften painted or varnished surfaces and some fabrics (e.g. Nylon). May stain some metal surfaces, we recommend testing a small area prior to application.


    • 90ml tube

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