Easter Cupcake Toppers

Make your own colourful cupcake toppers for Easter.

  •     Print out the template below and cut out the Easter Egg shapes using the scissors in the Bostik Cut 'n Paste pack...watch out for the sharp edges.
  •     Colour in and decorate your Easter Egg shapes to yours hearts desire using Rainbow Twisters, Wax Twisters, Colour 'n Paint Twisters and Rainbow Glitter Glue.
  •     Centre a toothpick on the back of one of the Egg shapes and secure with a piece of Super Clear Tape.
  •     Using the Glue Stick, paste and identical Egg face up, to cover the toothpick.
  •     Finally, stick the toothpick with your colourful Easter Egg shape into the centre of your cupcakes.

You will need:



"how to" pdf

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