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Adhesives that do more

Sustainability, functionality, and convenience are all being addressed as today’s packaging evolves to address consumer demands. At Bostik, we understand the key role adhesives play in:


  • Increasing output speeds and package quality

  • Improving packaging end-of-life

  • Enhancing package aesthetics

  • Reducing manufacturing footprint

  • Decreasing total cost-in-use

Bostik, your innovation partner

With extensive expertise throughout the packaging value chain, we’ve developed innovative technologies, including hot melt, cold and heat seal for flexible, rigid and lamination applications designed to:


  • Reduce production downtime with formulations that decrease charring, stringing and other common maintenance issues
  • Improve package sustainability by enabling the entire package to be recyclable, reusable or compostable
  • Enhance package clarity with formulations that reduce fogging and moisture formation
  • Increase package functionality by enabling reseal and other useful features
  • Heighten package durability with formulations that address stringent shipping conditions
  • Decease overall costs by enabling SKU volume, reduced converting complexity and material usage

Bostik experts can assist in key packaging and lamination applications including:


  • Bio-sourced
  • Paper-based
  • Glass
  • Metallic
  • Synthetic
  • Flexible
  • Rigid
  • Mono- or multi-material
  • End-of-line palletizing

Why Choose Bostik for Your Packaging and Lamination Adhesive Needs?


In addition to our extensive technology portfolio and global research and development centers, our team of technical experts will work directly with you to ensure:

  • Your production lines are optimized for maximum efficiency and quality output
  • Your bonding solution is ideal for even the most challenging substrates
  • Your end-use packaging provides additional functionality needed, such as tamper-evident, repositionable or reclosable sealing

Additionally, by keeping our pulse on the rapidly evolving market, we’re able to anticipate tomorrow’s needs today, so that your packaging and lamination applications are equipped to handle them.

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