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SAF 30-5

SAF 30-5 is made of patented methacrylate adhesives and shows unmatched performance in term of resistance and flexibility.
Product overview
This adhesive have  been designed  for bonding a  wide range of dissimilar  substrates  including  metals  and  plastics  as  well  as composite  materials  for  industrial  applications.  The outstanding properties of the SAF range allow structural bonding while keeping flexibility and fatigue resistance. SAF 30-5 has been developed to resist the most aggressive environments and extreme temperatures. It shows unprecedented results facing weathering and ageing. 
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Oceania

Smart Advantages

Excellent environmental resistance, temperature resistance even under stress,  permanent toughness even after ageing: Enhanced durability 
Very fast curing time: Enhanced productivity 
Non-sag, application on vertical surfaces, low surface preparation: Enhanced workability