Caulking Guns & Accessories

Caulking Guns & Accessories

Caulking guns for the DIY, tradesman or professional

With the wide number of cartridge and sausage sizes available in today’s diverse market, you want to ensure that you are using a tool that is compatible with the right cartridge or sausage.

The Bostik range of caulking guns are made specifically to be easy to use with minimal effort and feature a rigid design so they can be used time and time again without having to replace them on a regular basis. You can also find an array of caulking gun accessories and replacement parts to suit the existing product range.

Caulking Gun Products

  • Bostik Trade Quality Gun
  • Bostik Applicator Pro Cartridge Gun
  • Bostik Pro Barrel Gun
  • Bostik Applicator Cartridge Gun (SAE608)
  • Bostik Applicator Cartridge Gun (625SAE)
  • Bostik Applicator Barrel Gun Clear 37cm
  • Bostik Applicator Air Gun (712SAE)
  • Bostik Applicator Air Gun 37cm
  • Bostik 7.2v Battery Sausage Gun Kit


Caulking Gun Accessories

Bostik have a range of caulking gun accessories to ensure you can get on with the job without slowing down as a result of missing parts or a shortage of nozzles.

When completing the job is the most important thing, our caulking gun accessories will ensure you can finish it unhindered. You can explore the range of Bostik caulking guns to complete the range of accessories.


  • Bostik Application Nozzle Opaque 39mm  - 10 Pack
  • Bostik Application Nozzle SGS Nozzle - 10 Pack
  • Bostik Application End Cap Sausage Gun
  • Bostik Application Plunger Blue - 5 pack
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