cleaners & primers

Cleaners & Primers

Better cleaning. Better adhesion.

Once a job is complete, it’s time to clean up! Cleaning up is rarely an enjoyable task, but it can be easy and pain free provided that you have the right product. Introducing Bostik Handy Wipes – a mess free and convenient way to remove adhesives, sealants, tar and other sticky and greasy products from tools, hands and equipment.

Bostik also has a range of primers that are made specifically to clean dirty and contaminated surfaces from grease, dust and oil while also promoting better adhesion of sealants and polyurethanes on a range of porous and non-porous surfaces.



  • Bostik Handy Wipes
  • Bostik Expanda Gun & Foam Cleaner
  • Bostik N40 Primer
  • Bostik N49 Primer

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