Curtain wall systems

Build energy efficient buildings

In order to reduce heating and cooling costs in our buildings, it has become compulsory to insulate our walls with heat insulation within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Law. We are creating more comfortable living spaces by saving at least 50% energy by using Exterior Thermal Sheathing Insulation Systems. Our exterior thermal sheathing insulation systems are complete systems with the ETAG005 Certificate in accordance with European Norms.

Smart advantages

  • Provides Energy Saving: If applied in accordance with the regulations, energy savings of at least 50% is provided. 
  • ETA G005 Certified: Tested in accordance with European norms, ETAG 005 certified.
  • Prevent condensation: It protects the building carrier system and prevents corrosion which may occur as a result of condensation.
  • Prevents molding: It creates healthy environments by preventing the formation of molds and fungi which may be caused by chilling on the surfaces due to hot-cold differences.
  • Isolate heat bridges: By eliminating heat bridges, it prevents heat losses and condensation. Provides a solid insulation.
  • Project-friendly solutions: Provides detailed solutions for your project needs.
  • Decorative Facade Applications: We offer aesthetic facade finishes with decorative facade systems and rich color range.


ClimaTech – EPS-F40

Package system formed with extruded polystyrene foam thermal insulation sheets.

ClimaTech – EPS-F32

Package system formed with extruded carbon reinforced polystyrene foam thermal insulation sheets.

ClimaTech - MW

Package system formed with rock wool thermal insulation sheets.

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