External thermal insulation composite systems

Bostik Curtain Wall System has been successfully passed and certified through the performance tests described in the Netherlands National Technical Manual (BRL) 4101-7: 01-11-2003 "Adhesives Used in the Installation of Exterior Coating Panels" standards.

Smart advantages

  • High adhesion: These adhesives and sealants are resistant to weathering and moisture.
  • Solution in difficult details: It overcomes the difficulties of using materials easily in detail combinations or in the passage of different materials.
  • Resistance to water: Bostik structural elements and airtight adhesive products with their unique tack, water resistance and flexibility, are market approved and recognized products.
  • Provides design flexibility: It contributes to the design and long life of the buildings.


Silyl modified polymers (SMP)

SMP is a solvent-free sealing product that can be used in a wide range of applications and has a higher adhesion performance than silicon. It can be used in wet or dry environments, has high adhesion strength, is UV resistant and offers ideal performance for your construction needs due to its availability in a wide range of materials and surfaces.

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