Fire protection up to 4 hours in installations passages

Fire protection is important in terms of evacuation of buildings without being affected by the fire generated during the fire. Bostik passive fire-retardant products allow time for a fire in a building to be safely evacuated. If passages that can leak smoke are insulated with Bostik passive fire-stop products, the products swell where it is accompanied by the temperature increase, serve as a gasket and cut out smoke leaks.

Smart advantages

  • Fire Resistance: It shows resistance against fire up to 4 hours. BS476 Section: 20, approved according to 1987 standard.
  • Ease of application: It can be applied in both moving and stationary joints. It can be used as a sealant product for both cable and pipe passages.



In the event of a fire, it has the benefit of extremely low levels of toxic gas release and a much lower rate of smoke emissions.


It is a high-quality, water-based, fire retardant acrylic mastic. It takes a hard consistency

when dried and provides excellent adhesion to many construction materials. This product will swell in the event of a fire, become a fire-proof insulation material, and will prevent smoke and flame passage.

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