PU Foams

Polyurethane Foams are materials that are easy to use and apply, presented in aerosol tubing. They contribute to savings by drying quickly with the humidity in air. Polyurethane technology is a material that has very high adhesion strength and while in a liquid state in its packaging subject to swelling in volume if used in air during the application. At the same time polyurethane is a high value material with a high thermal insulation value.

Polyurethane Foams According to Application Areas

  • Cladding Foam: Used in conjunction with special application gun. It can be used both inside and outside for bonding a wide variety of decorative coating materials, especially polystyrene foam thermal insulation sheets. It can be used for bonding to wood, brick, concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Filler Foam: Polyurethane foams with adaptors are applied with the help of pipettes supplied with each box or with special gun. It is used to fill gaps, to install door and window casings.

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