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Growing demand for convenient, sustainable packaging

Demand for resealable functionality continues to grow as consumers seek convenience, sustainability, and ways to maintain freshness and prevent waste.

For brand owners, reseal fits well with sustainability initiatives, and allows for enhanced brand visibility as consumers keep food in original protective packaging until its end-consumption, while also allowing food trays to be recycled.

Bostik was the first to patent extrudable reseal adhesives, and we continue to transform food packaging materials with this smart technology. 

M-Resins technology meets both packaging producers’ and consumers’ expectations for convenience and sustainability, and is designed to fit existing co-extrusion lines, making it easy for manufacturers to adopt.

In addition to our M-Resins extrusion reseal, Bostik's water-based JB technology can be applied via Gravure coating and is used predominantly for food packaging applications such as sweet snacks, bakery and confectionary products. 


Bostik continues to transform food packaging by eliminating the need for secondary packaging (zippers, slider reclosures, plastic containers, etc.) and preserving food freshness with its reseal technology. This extrudable reseal adhesive brings value and convenience to packaging functionality while also lessening food waste.  Bostik's patented M-Resins are ideal for food applications, such as baked goods, meat and cheese packaging. 

Keeping food fresher for longer: M-Resins are converted to become part of a multi-layer film that can be used to create resealable lidding material. As well as lengthening food life, Bostik M-Resins are formulated to have minimal effect on taste and odor. 

Compatibility and efficiency: M-Resins are compatible with blown or cast extrusion resins. The reseal lidding film can be used on most thermoforming packaging machines meaning no additional investment in packaging equipment is necessary. This compatibility enables faster packaging speeds and lower cost in use. M-Resins can be converted in a basic 3 layer structure. They can also be converted in a more sophisticated structure with 7, 9, and even 11 layers for high barrier properties.

Increased customer satisfaction: Resealing is easier than zipper or click-top lidding, resulting in more satisfied customers in an increasingly grab-and-go world. 

Pressure sensitive adhesive: Bostik M-Resins create smart lidding solutions by differentiating between initial reseal opening strength and the strength of subsequent openings. This pressure sensitive technology also offers up to 10 open and close cycles. 

JB water-based adhesives

Bostik water-based JB technology can be applied via Gravure coating and provides an alternative to our M-Resins extrusion reseal. These adhesives are used predominantly for food packaging applications such as sweet snacks, bakery and confectionary products. 

Humidity protection: Resealable packaging made using JB pressure sensitive adhesive coatings helps to protect the packaged product from humidity and open exposure. Our coatings can also be formulated to provide custom seal/reseal characteristics and different seal strength ranges. 

Operational efficiencies: JB water-based coatings are applied via Gravure printing, meaning additional equipment investment may not be needed. These pressure sensitive coatings can be pattern-applied to the required area instead of the entire packaging material, reducing the cost of waste. 

Other reseal adhesive applications

Although primarily used for food packaging applications, reseal technology continues to grow in popularity across various different industries. We offer custom formulations that can cater for many consumer applications, from razorblade containers to toothbrush attachments. 


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