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As ADAS and Infotainment applications in Automotive develop, they raise new challenges.

These include questions of how to apply adhesives to ever-smaller and more complex items, how to accelerate curing processes and how to reduce waste, all while complying with environmental and health and safety regulations. 

In response, we have developed a portfolio of ground-breaking engineering adhesives that focus on ‘by-the-dot’ bonding applications. These products sit under the Born2Bond™ brand, born out of our purpose and the collaborative bond we have with our customers. 

Automotive OEMs are increasingly specifying engineering adhesives in place of traditional welding or mechanical fasteners.

Quicker and easier to apply, contemporary adhesives accelerate production processes, enable a more aesthetic finish and help to reduce the weight of assembled parts. Born2Bond’s fast-curing, high-performance adhesives are suitable for structural and non-structural automotive assemblies and repair, on multiple surface materials including metal, glass, leather, rubber and plastic. Heat and chemical resistant, bonds using our adhesives are less likely to corrode or fail. Further, with the benefit of being low bloom and low odor, the Born2Bond™ range is suitable use in vehicle interiors.

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