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Smart adhesives for to-go packaging

Fortunately, the right adhesive can help your to-go packaging meet all of these criteria. Based on hot melt technology, our Kizen® adhesive range can: 

  • Reduce landfill waste and simplify disposal due to excellent adhesion to compostable substrates  
  • Improve your brand image and broaden design options by enabling you to create BPI-certified, 100% compostable packaging 
  • Maintain performance in-use with high durability and resistance due to strong adhesion on corrugated kraftboard 
  • Provide easy workability with a wide temperature range and multi-application compatibility 
  • Increase worker safety with no solvents and easy clean-up 

Featured product: H 43298

Podcast: Exploring the Role Hotmelt Adhesives can Play in Sustainable Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions about To-Go Packaging Adhesives 


What are the new trends in to-go packaging?

For decades, to-go packing has been a mainstay of the food service industry. The most important trends in packaging all revolve around economically sustainable packaging. Moreover, it should be profitable for the manufacturers.
The companies need to use eco-design, make packaging recyclable, reusable and replace plastic with bioplastic. Adhesives offer circular solutions through recycling, debonding, innovative designs, and sustainable raw materials.
Takeout replaced dine-in for many consumers during the pandemic, increasing demand for food packaging. Packaging has become the only way to improve food branding.

As important as sustainability and branding are, it is critical not to ignore packaging's basic role. Food packaging serves as a container in which food is transported from point A to point B. This necessitates the use of a strong adhesive to keep the various packaging composites together.


What is the difference between compostable, biodegradable and recyclable?

Compostable materials are a sub-set of biodegradable. Compostable products are made from natural materials and will decompose in the composting in the time needed without producing toxic residue. While biodegradable could break down and may produce harmful greenhouse emissions. Compostable and biodegradable plastics are not currently recyclable.
Recyclable means the product can be reprocessed into the same product or a different one, often as standard plastics and paper. If we had to rank these terms in terms of relevance to the environment and our health, we would recommend looking for compostable, recyclable, and finally biodegradable.


Is adhesive compostable?

The answer can be yes, but not all adhesive is compostable. To be considered compostable to-go packaging, all materials must be BPI-certified and decompose within a specific timeframe.
In the past, manufacturers found it difficult to do this. While certain materials have recently been certified as biodegradable, the adhesive used to hold them together is still not BPI-approved. This meant that the full package could not be composted. Bostik provides high-performing compostable hotmelt adhesive used for paper cups and food services for to-go packaging applications.


How right adhesive can help your to-go packaging?

Food packaging has grown more environmentally friendly in recent years. Big businesses are bonding single-use plastics in favor of biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging.
Bostik's compostable adhesive is a BPI-certified bonding solution. It not only helps you achieve 100% compostable to-go packaging but also provides excellent adhesion to many compostable plastics. The right compostable adhesive can help you move away from traditional packaging materials, simplify adhesive processes and reduce your cost.

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