Use Bostik 1900 grout and mortar admixture to grout or set tiles in both interior and exterior installations.

    Key Features

    • Excellent workability 
    • Easy clean-up 
    • Superior chemical resistance

    Epoxy Modified Grout & Mortar Admixture

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    Bostik 1900™ epoxy modified grout and mortar admixture, when mixed with Bostik Hydroment® Ceramic Tile Grout™ Sanded, is for interior and exterior installations to set and/or grout a variety of tiles.

    Where to Use

    • Interior or exterior
    • Commercial or residential kitchens
    • Countertops and back splashes
    • Restaurants
    • Bathrooms
    • Malls
    • Concourses
    • Service garages
    • Food processing or packaging plants
    • Anywhere stain and chemical resistance or superior shear/bond strengths are required


    • Plywood
    • Vinyl/VCT
    • Ceramic 


    • Ceramic 
    • Porcelain
    • Quarry  
    • Granite
    • Slate
    • Marble
    • Dimensional stones
    • Pre-cast terrazzo

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