Bostik 916 sealant is a one-component, textured polyurethane adhesive capable of dynamic joint movement.

    Key Features

    • Permanently flexible
    • Tenacious bond to difficult substrates
    • Low VOC

    Textured Polyurethane Sealant & Adhesive

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    916 is a one-component, textured polyurethane sealant capable of dynamic joint movement totaling 50% of original joint geometry (±25%). The sealant cures to a tough, flexible rubber when exposed to moisture present in  the atmosphere.

    916 has a consistency like toothpaste, its physical properties will remain relatively stable over time and in varying weather conditions. Its physical properties are relatively unchanged over a wide temperature range, -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C). Where smooth appearance is needed, please use Bostik 915FS™.

    Technical Data Sheet

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