DUO-SIL Urethane Acrylic Sealant Adhesive is formulated as an adhesive or caulking compound for commercial and residential construction.

    Key Features

    • Interior and exterior use  
    • Weatherproof and mildew resistant 
    • Available in 145+ colors, including clear

    Urethane Acrylic Sealant & Adhesive

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    Bostik DUO-SIL® is a special formulation of urethane and acrylic emulsion which can be used as an adhesive or caulking compound for commercial and residential construction.

    DUO-SIL® as a sealant can be used on vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement siding, windows, doors, brick molding, counter tops, showers and most areas where a sealant is needed.

    DUO-SIL® as an adhesive has superior bond to most building substrates with no need for primer. DUO-SIL® will adhere to wood, metal, gypsum board, vinyl, PVC, cove base, molding, foam board and many more building products. 

    A Perfect Match for Every Application

    For easy siding or window color matching use the Color Cross Reference Tool Available Here

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