Vitel® 1922AF

Extrudable anti-fog heat seal coating for transparent flexible packaging

Extrudable copolyester anti-fog heat seal coating

Bostik’s innovative anti-fog heat seal coating, Vitel® 1922AF, is designed to reduce production line complexity and improve end-use package performance overall. Formulated to have low blocking and good slip properties, this product is an extrudable, semi-crystalline, saturated copolyester resin that can be used in refrigerable applications for moisture-containing food products. In addition to reducing fog formation on flexible packaging, Vitel 1922AF features:

  • Excellent seal strength to PET
  • Enhanced recyclability
  • Improved ease of use

Furthermore, this product offers both anti-fog capability and heat seal functionality in one product. Typically, converters must use two products to achieve both transparent packaging and a proper seal. By combining anti-fog and heat seal into one product, Vitel 1922AF is able to:

  • Cut processing time by half
  • Reduce product SKUs
  • Simplify converting methods

As a result, manufacturers are able to more easily address consumer preferences for transparent, easy to use, recyclable packaging with this product.

For more information on Bostik’s Vitel 1922AF and how it can benefit your processes and end-use package performance, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

To learn more about Bostik's Anti-fog technology click here!

  • Extrudable, anti-fogging, heat seal coating
  • Excellent seal strength
  • Formulated to have low blocking and good slip properties

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