Vitel® 1922AF

Extrudable copolyester anti-fog coating for flexible packaging applications

Extrudable copolyester anti-fog coating

Bostik’s Vitel® 1922AF is a semi-crystalline, saturated copolyester resin formulated to be used as an extrudable heat seal coating for PET lidding stock for refrigerable applications. Suitable for extrusion film coating or co-extrusion application methods, this heat seal coating offers excellent clarity and seal strength.

Able to reduce fogging from moisture-containing food products, Vitel 1922AF also provides a smooth yet strong peel from PET tray stocks once sealed. Furthermore, it features low blocking and good slip properties.

As an anti-fog coating, Vitel 1922AF enables converters and brand owners to meet consumer needs for extended food freshness and enhanced product visibility. Additionally, it streamlines manufacturing processes by offering anti-fog capabilities directly within its heat seal coating formulation.

For more information on how this 100% solids heat seal anti-fog coating can help your processes, call our Smart Help Hotline at 1-800-726-7845.

  • Extrudable, anti-fogging, heat seal coating
  • Excellent seal strength
  • Formulated to have low blocking and good slip properties

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