Vitel® 3350B

    Vitel 3350B laminating resin

    Key Features

    • Low glass transition temperature
    • Good adhesion to variety of substrates: PET, metals, vinyls and treated olefins (PP or PE)
    • Good flow characteristics

    Copolyester Laminating Resin

    Bostik’s Vitel® 3350B is an amorphous, linear, saturated copolyester laminating resin. Ideal for label coating, adhesive primer and industrial coating film applications, it offers excellent flexibility, given its low glass transition temperature.

    Additionally, this laminating resin has solubility in certain common solvents, such as ethyl acetate, MEK and toluene.

    A low Tg polymer, its Tg can be modified to meet application requirements by blending the product with other Vitel resins. This functionality helps impart flexibility and improve adhesion. As a result, it can help customers achieve desired performance while providing good solution stability.

    With good flow characteristics, this laminating resin also possesses superior adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as PET, metals, vinyls and treated polyolefins.

    To find out how Vitel 3350B can help your company, call our Smart Help Hotline at 1-800-726-7845 today.

    Technical Data Sheet

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