Vitel® 3300B

    Vitel® 3300B

    Key Features

    • Low glass transition temperature
    • High flexibility and clarity
    • Good flow characteristics

    Copolyester Laminating Resin

    Vitel® 3300B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, linear saturated copolyester resin. This flexible amorphous polymer, slightly tacky at room temperature, offers high elongation and moderate tensile values. The long term solution stability in aromatic or ketone solvent systems makes V3300B a very good adhesive binder for attaching difficult to adhere webs to a variety of substrates resulting in flexibility, improved pigment binding and electrical resistance.

    V3300B is often used with a polyisocyanate as a two part laminating adhesive. When used in conjunction with a Bostik hardener, the strength and temperature resistance of V3300B is increased. The major applications of V3300B are in adhesive applications or as a modifier for hard resinous coatings. When used as a modifier, V3300B improves flexibility and adhesion to a variety of substrates.

    Technical Data Sheet

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