Bosti-Flex™ Plus

    Bosti-Flex Plus high performance siliconized acrylic latex sealant has excellent adhesion for most building and common household surfaces.

    Key Features

    • Excellent adhesion for strong bonds
    • High elasticity for flexible joints
    • Mold and mildew resistant

    Multi-Purpose Siliconized Acrylic Sealant

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    Bosti-Flex™ Plus is a high performance siliconized acrylic latex sealant with excellent adhesion to most building materials and common household surfaces. Bosti-Flex™ Plus complements multiple Bostik grout colors and is paintable with latex or oil based paints.

    Bosti-Flex™ Plus has been developed for sealant applications including: windows, door frames, sinks, tubs, shower surrounds, countertops and bonding applications for wood trim, ceramic tile and natural stone.

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