Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

    Bostik Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (HDCA) sealant is designed for subfloor and floor joist assemblies.

    Key Features

    • Adheres to wet and frozen lumber
    • Reduce squeaks & movement in subfloor
    • Foam compatible

    Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

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    Bostik Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (HDCA) is a one-component premium grade polyurethane, that is specifically formulated for subfloor and floor joist assemblies, from site erected structures to factory constructed modular and mobile homes.


    • Bonding to wet, frozen, or treated lumber
    • Adhesion to sub floor assemblies (plywood, OSB, engineered flooring), stair treads, furring strips, in tile board components
    • May eliminate squeaks and nail pop-ups when used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners
    • Used in assembly of dryscape designs
    • Installation of countertops and back splashes including marble and granite

    Features and Benefits

    • Minimal odor
    • Long open time for repositioning
    • Quick full cure
    • Easy gunning, requires less effort from user
    • Low solvent formula, will not damage foam
    • Multi-enviromental climate use


    Technical Data Sheet

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