Get quick setting times and easy workability with UltraRamp premium Portland cement ramping patch.

    Key Features

    • Applies from a skimcoat to 2" neat, 5" properly extended
    • Install flooring in as little as one hour
    • Ideal for screeding, ramping, patching & heavy skimcoating

    Premium Portland Cement Ramping Patch

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    UltraRamp™ is a rapid setting, cement-based, ramping patch with excellent workability that makes screeding, ramping or patching fast and easy. UltraRamp™ can be used over concrete, terrazzo, ceramic or quarry tile, epoxy coatings, non-water soluble adhesive residue and approved wood subfloors.

    Product Features

    • Ideal for screeding, ramping, patching & heavy skim coating 
    • Can be used as an interior wear surface with the application of a suitable coating 
    • Exceptional compressive strength 
    • Can be applied over approved wood subfloors as directed 
    • Compatible with all adhesives approved for use on concrete 
    • Can be re-tempered without the addition of water 
    • Mold and mildew resistant 
    • Install flooring in as little as one hour 
    • Ideal basecoat for resilient flooring in heavy service environments, such as retail stores, hospitals and schools 
    • Contributes points to LEED® certified projects

    Technical Data Sheet

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