Bostik's Pro REwards™ PRogram:
Holiday Season Electronics Promotion


October 1 - November 30, 2019

Promotion Details

Beginning October 1, 2019, all approved Bostik Pro Rewards™ contractor participants are eligible to earn triple points on the products listed below.

NEW Resilient Products
GreenFusion™, LVT-Lock+™, Multi-Lock™, Uni-Lock™, Aero-Lock™, Cove-Lock®

Hardwood Products
GreenForce®, Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™

Tile & Stone Products
Bosti-Set™, Dimension®; RapidCure™, TruColor®; Rapidcure™, GoldPlus™, UltraSet®; Advanced, Reflex®, StoneWall™, EZPoxy™ EZClean™, Black-Top™

Restrictions & Limitations: Triple points apply only to the qualifying products purchased from October 1 - November 30, 2019. Invoices for qualifying products must be submitted through the Bostik Pro Rewards™ Contractor Loyalty Program site by December 30, 2019 to receive triple points.

Electronics prizes must be redeemed by December 30, 2019. Points must be redeemed within this time period to qualify for the discounted rate. Had your eye on a different Pro Rewards Program prize? Even though prize discounts apply to Electronics prizes, triple points earned apply to ALL rewards program prizes.

For details on the Bostik Pro Rewards™ program, or to sign up, please visit:

Bostik's Pro Rewards Electronics Promotion

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Now you can earn valuable reward points, which can be redeemed for thousands of brand name items or travel rewards, all while growing your business! 


To join the Bostik Pro Rewards™ Contractor Loyalty Program, visit, and create a user name and password. 

  1. Enter all eligible Bostik product purchases by submitting your invoices via our rewards program web portal.
  2. All registered Bostik product purchases will automatically be deposited into your Bostik Pro Rewards™ account.
  3. Redeem the points you've earned for a wide variety of great rewards.

Full program details can be found at:

Turn Everyday purchases into rewards!

It's easy to earn points for the things you already buy — including hardwood adhesive, grout, mortar, sealants and surface preparation products. Why not turn those everyday purchases into reward points?

Reward points earned through the Bostik Pro Rewards™ program can be redeemed for event tickets, televisions, sports memorabilia, fitness equipment, cameras, appliances, tools, and so much more!

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