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Demand for technologically-advanced windows and doors is fueling the market’s growth. For example, window and door manufacturers are now using high technology finishes that hold up to UV exposure and resist physical damage. They are also developing new materials for varying benefits such as:

  • Cost
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Ability to be finished
  • Energy efficiency

However, as these windows and doors continue to grow in popularity, it’s important to ensure high performance sealants are able to adhere to these new materials for successful function of the building envelope.

Learn about the importance of various compatibilities for window and door sealants.

Importance of Compatible Technologies

It is important to ensure the window and door sealants are compatible with the flashing and waterproofing system. Failure to use compatible technologies can often result in water and air filtration around the window or door unit, since the sealant will be unable to form a proper bond. It can also cause premature deterioration of the flashing tape protection.

However, the full extent of damage cannot be accurately assessed until the wall coverings are removed to expose the root source of the damage.

In severe cases, the damage may be structural, making it very labor intensive and costly for repair.

  • Bostik’s Recommendation

To ensure compatible technologies are used, Bostik recommends PRO-MS 50. This product is solvent-free and can be used with most butyl flashing tapes without issue. Other products on the market, such as polyurethanes, may break down the asphalt, weakening the sealant integrity. To avoid this, Bostik also recommends a pre-installation test to help capture jobsite conditions.

Importance of Coating/Finish Compatibility 

In an effort to help maximize durability against damage and fading from the elements, window and door OEMs manufacture their products with advanced exterior coatings. Those coatings, such as Arkema’s Kynar resin-based coatings, are highly durable. However, their slickness historically has made adhering to them difficult.

When the chosen sealant is not compatible with the coating/finish system being used, sealant failure may result. For example, water and air may penetrate into the opening, lowering the energy efficiency and performance of the installation. In more advanced cases, an incompatible sealant can cause mold or rot issues, which impacts occupant health and safety.


Often times, the window or door gets erroneously targeted as the problem, typically causing the manufacturer to be called to the job site. However, an incompatible sealant is usually the root cause of the problem.

  • Bostik’s Recommendation

Bostik 915 and Bostik PRO-MS 50 feature unprimed adhesion to difficult to adhere to surfaces and façade products, such as Kynar. As a result, these products are able to improve window and door performance and increase energy efficiency.

Tested Product Verifications

Window and door manufacturers that include tested products listed in their installation instructions lower the number of incorrectly installed units and reduce the amount of field issues. Ultimately, this reduces service call costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Bostik’s 915, 915 FS and PRO-MS 50 window and door sealants come with AAMA 808.3 testing verification for exterior perimeter sealing compounds. These products also have a best-in-class warranty offering labor and material coverage. Furthermore, Bostik conducts jobsite adhesion testing to ensure the correct chemistry and technology is used.

For more information on Bostik’s sealants, visit, or call 800-7-BOSTIK today.

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