General Assembly Adhesives

Versatile general assembly adhesives

Bostik’s quality, general assembly adhesive products are the smart choice for a variety of applications. 

From appliances and mattress bonding to footwear and road marking, these general assembly adhesive products are manufactured to meet any and all customer needs. 

Bostik’s assembly market bonding solutions are high performing and have excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Additionally, our company offers solutions that can decrease the curing time or improve the strength of customers’ product assembly. 

Bostik also has general assembly adhesive products which feature UV, temperature and weather resistant, making them a smart and durable choice.

General assembly adhesive - featured products

H4317 and H5211-02

For appliance cabinet seal applications, Bostik’s H4318 and H5211-02 general assembly products are a soft, elastic material with excellent foamability. 


H2315-02 is a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive that has high heat resistance and high shear. It can also be foamed, lending itself  to a variety of product assembly and automotive applications.

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