Anti flutter & hem flange adhesiveS

Discover our range of Elastosol adhesives for hemmed flanges and automotive outer skin

Our complete range of anti flutter and hem flange Elastosol adhesives has been specially designed for metal to metal bonding. They are perfect for use in automotive applications, especially with fully robotized equipment under consistent climatic conditions.

Designed to pose less of a threat to workers and be extra safe for handling, our Elastosol adhesive products contain no volatile solvents. This characteristic also reaps benefits further along in the assembly process, as our adhesives do not produce corrosive by-products during welding or oven curing.

Our hem flange and anti flutter Elastosol adhesives can be designed within a wide range of viscosities and strengths to suit specific requirements and automotive applications. If you’d like to work with us to create a custom formulation for your automotive assembly needs, contact our technical team directly. 

Custom formulations for fast, safe and efficient bonding

Hem flange

Our Elastosol adhesives can be used in hemmed flanges, typically for bonding hang-on parts like doors or hoods. Beneficial properties of our Elastosol products include good corrosion protection in the hem area and the stiffening of the overall structure. 

Bostik hem flange adhesive products provide a medium strength and are soft enough not to cause print-through effects. 

Anti flutter

Our Elastosol adhesives are ideal for bonding the automotive outer skin and inner reinforcement, including parts such as reinforcement frames, under-hoods, bonnets and roof beams.

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