Bellagio Resort and Casino Project Spotlight

Bellagio Lobby
Bellagio Resort & Casino

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Project Name: Bellagio Hotel & Casion – Bellagio Lobby
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Stone Fabricators: Creative Edge Master Shop
Installers: Superior Tile & Marble  |  NTCA Five Star Contractors

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is a premier hospitality destination known for luxurious surroundings, and the hotel lobby is the first impression for visitors and guests. While the majority of the lobby features upgraded finishes, the main lobby floor was dominated by a 10 sq ft circle of carpet in the center of a large marble medallion. Foot traffic of over 20,000 daily Bellagio visitors caused wear, and the carpet required constant upkeep. Seeking a permanent solution to this problem, MGM Resorts decided to upgrade the surface with a medallion that welcomed visitors to the luxury of the Bellagio. 


  • Revive an existing high-traffic floor space within the Bellagio Hotel & Casino lobby.
  • Install a one-of-a-kind floor design at the venue’s entrance, ensuring it naturally linked to the main lobby space floor area, accentuating the luxurious finishes throughout the hotel.
  • Remove carpeting and flatten the existing concrete slab surface before installation of new flooring consisting of marble, natural stone, and metal.
  • Meet compressed construction time-lines to limit disruption to hotel visitors in a high capacity setting.

We were very pleased with Bosti-Set. It required only a single coat application, so the installation was faster and easier than a conventional mortar. Bosti-Set is also easy to clean off tile surfaces before and after cure without the need for water or solvents. Bosti-Set has advanced features that allowed us to meet the tight time constraints of this exciting project. In fact, almost double the amount of work was accomplished with the same crew for work originally bid using traditional mortar.”

Martin Howard, Executive Vice President-Operations,
David Allen Company and currently President of the National Tile Contractors Association 

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