Sausages Ensure Better Hardwood Flooring Installations

Bostik is now offering its revolutionary hardwood flooring adhesive, Pro-MSP — in sausage packs! 20-ounce sausages offer benefits such as reduced waste footprint, more coverage per individual container and are 100% installer-friendly.  
According to Kevin Ray, Bostik's Senior Product Line Specialist, "With a ¼-inch bead, each Pro-MSP™ sausage will cover approximately 60 linear feet, which makes it great for glue-assist installations per the new NWFA Installation Guidelines. Frankly, it's much easier finishing smaller installation areas with sausages. If you are installing as a full spread application, no more need to open up brand new pails for a small area. Rather, just use a few Pro-MSP™ sausages to finish any job.”
Sausages are a great way to make glue-assisted nail-down installations easy. Ideal for working with wide-plank flooring (>5 in), easy to clean and easy to gun, Pro-MSP™ MS-Polymer is able to bond to a variety of substrates, making it the ideal adhesive for glue-assisted nail-down installations. Additionally, Pro-MSP™ has the necessary elastomeric properties that wood flooring needs as it expands and contracts over time. Installers should have this convenient packaging size with them to be ready whenever nailing is not enough.
Sausage packs provide a variety of benefits like a reduced waste footprint, more coverage per individual container and being installer friendly. With Glue-Assist applications, each 20 fluid ounce Pro-MSP™ sausage will cover approximately 60 linear feet, at a ¼-inch bead. If installers need to finish a small area, they can eliminate the need to open up brand new pails, and instead they may use just a few Pro-MSP™ sausages to finish the job. When used in full spread applications, and depending on the trowel selection, each sausage should cover 3 to 12 square feet.
Each case comes with 12 Pro-MSP™ sausages and four nozzles, making it even more convenient for installers to grab and go. And, Bostik has also made "the 12:1 Sausage Gun" available. This 12:1 ratio gun makes gunning adhesives easy, and can quickly convert to dispense either 20-ounce sausages or 10-ounce cartridges.
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