Add a touch of style to your tile installations with Bostik grout colors

Whether you want to achieve a distinctive designer look with a new installation or refresh and old one to its former brightness, our variety of grout formulations and colors offer many design and performance options. 

When it comes to grout, you're sure to find the perfect designer color to complement your tile installation. Bostik offers a range of colors from Char Black to Polar White – and everything in between. 


Grout Technology – Breaking it all down 

With an unequaled track record of technology-driven, performance-proven products, Bostik grouts exceed industry standards and offer exceptional application and cleanability properties.

More than just a design element, grout is a critical component of any tile installation system's overall performance. At Bostik, we recognize the importance of grout in an installation, and have developed a range of grout solutions that allow you to select products offering the ultimate in application and performance.

High Performance Cement Grout

High performance cement grout offers enhanced performance and installation characteristics when compared to a standard cement grout. This grout offers a long pot life, followed by a quick set time for those jobs that require short down times and early foot traffic. Hydroment® Vivid™ offers superior application properties and exceptional cleanability.

Pre-Mixed Grout

Pre-mixed grout offers the best of all worlds. No messy mixing, it's ready to use. Simply open, stir and apply. Start and stop the job at any time by closing the lid tightly. No fuss, no waste. Dimension® RapidCure™ and TruColor® RapidCure™ offer great chemical and stain resistance and may be exposed to water in just 3 days. Both products offer Clean-As-You-Go™ Technology, which eliminates down time and speeds up the installation process.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout offers superior stain and chemical resistance which makes them more durable and easier to maintain. Use Bostik EzPoxy™ EzClean™ grout in demanding installations such as hospitals, restaurants, airports, swimming pools and steam rooms.

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