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Bostik enables you to simplify your operations and leverage a success of one plant to all your facilities with our global network organization.

Our product ranges have been designed to be comprehensive, narrow and available all over the world, with high service standards.

Choose our best tamper evidence bonding solutions, reduce your supply workload and improve your working capital indicators with our strong adhesion and versatile Kizen® technology.

Protect People

Taking into account all your packaging requirements (geographical market, design, …) our regulatory experts & chemists are committed to provide you the most advanced adhesive solutions, meaning products and detailed studies, analysis & certificates for your demanding business (Food, Pharmaceutical, …).

Any question or support needed about REACH, EU/FDA, mineral oils...? Ask our experts!

Save Costs

Changing of adhesive is a good opportunity to make cost savings. Our innovative Kizen® range benefits from the cutting edge polyolefin technologies to reduce adhesive costs without comprosing on performance and safety.

Preserve Resources

Our Consumer Goods adhesives, especially the Kizen® range, are made to contribute positively to reach the United Nations Sustainable Goal N°12.

Kizen® can reduce your adhesive usage in comparaison to EVA and metallocenes conventional hot melt technologies.We incorporate more and more of bio-sourced or renewable materials in Kizen® to reduce usage of fossils.

Save Energy

Our Kizen ® technology provides solutions to reduce both adhesive consumption and application temperature, allowing 10 to 30% saved energy.

Estimate by yourself your potential savings with Kizen®!

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