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Preparation for Sealant application

Before you start sealing swimming pool joints, do the following checks to ensure lasting results.
  • Check the substrates before purchasing sealants. If you’re working with porous material like natural stone, then choose dedicated non staining products to avoid discoloration.
  • For shiny, flat surfaces a pure non-shrinking silicone sealant will give better aesthetic finish.
  •  Before applying sealant, ensure that the sides of the joint surface are clean, dry, and free from contamination. To assure a perfect unsoiled substrate use Bostik T100 UNIVERSAL CLEANER to decontaminate.
  • For deep gaps in joints, a backer rod or foam should be used, before applying the sealant.

Everything you need to know before sealing pool joints

Which sealant should you choose for the swimming pool area?

With joints within ceramic tiles, it is important to use a product that would offer good adhesion with ceramics as well as be able to resist humidity and water.  Sealants that contain 100% silicones with no dilutions will offer the best finish. They will form an elastic rubber seal when applied. You need a versatile sealant that cures under humidity and is mold free.
Natural stone tends to be porous and therefore is at a risk of getting stained or soiled at the edges. You need a non-staining silicone sealant.
Within PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) it is advisable to use a low modulus
silicone sealant. Ideally, one that is suitable for glazing applications and once cured, can withstand temperature fluctuations. You need a sealant that is suitable for PMMA and PC, which does not crack due to environmental stress.
When it comes to stainless steel in swimming pool areas, it is advisable to use a neutral silicone product that offers excellent adhesion. It also needs to be highly mold resistant. You need a versatile silicone sealant that is  non-corrosive to metals.
When sealing swimming pool joints below the water line, we strongly advise you to contact our experts to get the best product recommendations for your specific needs.

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