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Preparation for Sealant application

Before you start sealing sanitary joints, do the following checks to ensure lasting results.
  • Check the substrates of your tiles / material before purchasing sealants. A simple way to do it is to add a drop of water on the surface and see if the drop is absorbed or pearly. If it gets partially or fully absorbed then the material is porous. If not, then it is nonporous. Choose products accordingly.
  • For shiny, flat surfaces 100% silicone-based sealants will give better aesthetic finish.
  • Before applying sealant, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. For porous surfaces remove any dust with a clean cloth. For non -porous substrates  use a cloth and Bostik T100 UNIVERSAL CLEANER to clean.
  • While applying sealant and smoothing it with a fingertip, using water on the finger will keep the sealant from sticking or moving.

Everything you need to know before sealing sanitary joints

Which sealant should you choose?

With ceramic, enamel or glass joints, it is important to use products  that would offer good adhesion as well as be able to resist humidity and water.  Sealants that contain 100% silicones with no dilutions will offer the best finish and will form an elastic rubber seal when applied. You need a versatile sealant that cures under humidity and is mold free.
Sanitary joints are continually exposed to moisture and humidity. Some materials including metal may also be subject to corrosion. A 100 % silicone sealant that adheres well with different surfaces and cures under humidity is fit for use in this case. You need a versatile neutral silicone sealant.
Natural stone surfaces look beautiful but are often porous and therefore at a risk of getting soiled, at the edges, or stained while applying sealants. You also need to ensure that the sealant applies smoothly, adheres well to the surface and forms a permanent rubber seal. You need a non-staining, plasticizer free, neutral silicone sealant.

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