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Exclusive Bostik technology 

STIX A600 EVOLUTION is based on an exclusive Bostik technology: GLASS BALL TECHNOLOGY made of micro spheres of glass in combination with specific dispersions and raw materials.

This technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the density of the product while maintaining high performances. This allows a high yield: +30% surface area to be covered for the same quantity in weight of a standard soft floor adhesive.

Low density for ease of use

The consistency of the STIX A600 EVOLUTION provides a smooth, creamy application with excellent workability and very ease of use. Our technology also provides easier handling of the material with higher coverage. A positive impact to the total cost and CO² emitted from transportation.

Strong environmental assets

BOSTIK STIX A600 EVOLUTION is a very low VOC emission product. It contributes to preserve indoor air quality of the buildings. It is certified EC1 Plus according to the EMICODE protocol also M1 and A+ certifications. It is compliant with the requirement of green building rating system such as LEED and BREEAM. It is a solvent-free, phthalate free and isocyanate free formulation.

BOSTIK STIX A600 EVOLUTION is made of 35% organic renewable raw materials: rosin resin and  plasticizers of plant origin.

It allows to reduce the use of oil made raw material and thus to reduce the CO² footprint over the life cycle

BOSTIK STIX A600 EVOLUTION is packaged in a recycled bucket made of post consumer recycled plastic (PCR PP). The use of recycle material in packaging also contributes to reduce the carbon impact of the product over its life cycle.